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Signs You Need Full-Mouth Restoration

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POSTED ON April 30, 2022

Author: Enna Cue

If you’re one of the countless people who want nothing more than their best smiles in Bellevue, you might want to ask yourself if you need a full-mouth restoration This treatment involves an extensive dental restoration that includes a combination of restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and neuromuscular procedures. Besides strengthening your teeth, a full-mouth reconstruction rehabilitates your gums, strengthens your teeth, and ensures that your bite and jaw work together correctly.

Bel-Red Best Smiles - Dental

Signs That Suggest You Could Benefit from Full-Mouth Restoration

You’re Missing Multiple Teeth

Whether you lost several teeth due to disease or injury, you don’t have to spend the rest of your life missing teeth. Your dentist can use dentures, dental bridges, or implants to restore the teeth you lost in your upper and/or lower jaw. Besides fixing the appearance of your smile, these durable tooth-replacement options will also restore your dental function.

Your Teeth Are Worn Down

Although the protective enamel covering your teeth is harder than bone, it’s not indestructible. Several factors such as daily chewing, diet, habits, and medical conditions can prematurely wear it down over time.

If left untreated, excessively worn teeth will eventually lead to infection of the pulp inside the tooth , a misaligned bite, and other serious oral issues. Depending on your situation, your dentist may perform root canal procedures to address dental pulp infections, extract severely decayed or damaged teeth or place dental implants and crowns to replace missing teeth.

You Have Advanced Gum Disease

Advanced gum disease worsens oral infections, contributes to tooth loss, and leads to systemic health conditions. Signs of active gum disease include abscesses in the mouth and tender, bleeding, or swollen gums. These symptoms require treatments that may include laser therapy, scaling, and root planing.

Your Jaw Hurts

Fatigue in your jaw muscles and frequent jaw soreness are symptoms of issues with your temporomandibular joints (TMJs). Besides addressing the irritation and inflammation, full-mouth rehabilitation resolves the underlying cause of the problem.

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