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Dental Care & Services

Bel-Red Best Smiles offers a variety of dental services in order to ensure you get the dental care you deserve.

Root Canals

By removing damaged tissue, we preserve your tooth and ensure you can keep a beautiful natural smile.

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Implant Restoration

If a tooth is lost, the dentist can make a replacement using an impression of the surrounding teeth.

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We are trained and equipped to remove teeth when necessary, such as in the case of an infection or an impacted wisdom tooth.

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Laser Dentistry

Hard and soft tissue laser dentistry options are available to ensure pleasant and precise treatment that maintains a higher level of oral hygiene and appearance.

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Teeth Whitening

Through several different methods, we aid you in lightening, brightening, and whitening your smile.

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Crowns and Bridges

Various materials are used, such as gold, alloys, and porcelain to ensure that you can obtain the smile you desire.

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Read more about the positive experiences of our patients below!

John Smith

I recently had two very old crowns replaced. Dr. Sharma was very sensitive and knowledgeable about my medical condition which made me feel safe and secure during my treatment. My crowns fit perfectly, and are aesthetically natural looking and beautiful. Her personal care for her patients is so evident, you can't help but love her! A friendly and skilled staff complete the positive experience.

Crissea Nickell

Dr. Priyanka Sharma and her amazing team are the absolute BEST! Beginning with her front office management my difficult case was welcomed with open arms. I’m an orthodontic patient with 2 upper bridges, well as of last Friday, only 1 upper bridge remains because Dr. Sharma places an Implant in tooth #4 using her new XGuide machine which in dentistry is known as the “GPS” for your teeth. My entire procedure was absolutely pain free and no pain medications was needed afterwards or now during my healing process. Prior to my implant placement Dr. Sharma did a CBT Scan and in her findings she discussed with me future critical care which was unnoticed by my general dentist and Orthodontist. I’m very pleased with Dr. Sharma and her team from front office to back office that I’ve since transferred my family care to Bel-Red Best Smiles.

Latest Technologies

Guided by our conservative treatment approach, we ensure the greatest care through our implementation of the newest technologies and treatments available in dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Through a myriad of modern techniques, a bright healthy smile has never been more achievable than it is today.

General Dentistry

From teeth cleaning to a fluoride rinse, we make sure all of your dentistry needs are met as smoothly and easily as possible to ensure your teeth remain strong throughout your lifetime.

Implant Treatment

Through modern technology, a beautiful smile can continue to be achieved with a natural-looking implant that keeps your smile looking full and professional.

Digital X-rays

Scientific advancements in X-ray equipment allow us to take images that are clearer, more quickly developed and provide less exposure to radiation than ever before.


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Dr. Priyanka Sharma, DDS

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