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For our patients who are unhappy with the outer appearance of their teeth, veneers offer a quick and painless solution. Cracks, stains, or gaps in the teeth can all be hidden under a perfect shell that gives you your ideal smile. Although they are not infected or otherwise painful, some teeth do not match our desired aesthetic. Veneers can be placed on top of the natural tooth to enhance the appearance of a tooth or multiple teeth.
A hard shell, typically made from porcelain or a similar material, can be adhered to your teeth to create a long-lasting and natural looking smiling. When being fitted with veneers your doctor will take an impression of your natural teeth to ensure the artificial coverings are snug and comfortable. While everyone has some variance in the shape of their teeth, veneers allow you to have more customization in your physical presentation. Some studies show that veneers may also be more resistance to discoloration that natural teeth, but it is still safer to minimize your exposure to red wine, tobacco and coffee. Veneers have a long life span and can last more than 10 years with the right maintenance.

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