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The Do's and Don'ts of After Teeth Whitening

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POSTED ON June 09, 2021

Even if your skin is flawless and your hair recently dyed, if your teeth are severely discolored it will add years to your face. One of the most affordable ways to look younger is to have your teeth professionally whitened. Dental teeth whitening in 98007 is a cost-effective and non-invasive method of improving your smile.

The success of the procedure relies mostly on your commitment to follow your dentist's aftercare instructions. Usually, you'll be given a list of do's and don'ts after the treatment to ensure that your bright smile lasts long.

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What to Do and What Not to Do After Teeth Whitening

The Do's

After dental teeth whitening in 98007, you'll want to take a gazillion selfies because you've finally achieved that coveted Hollywood smile. As you know, the effect of teeth whitening isn't forever. To keep your smile looking bright and brilliant for as long as possible you should do the following:

  • Brush and floss every day and rinse off with a fluoride-based mouthwash.
  • Use gentle strokes because your teeth may still be sensitive after the treatment. You can also benefit from using toothpaste designed for people with sensitive teeth.
  • As much as possible, choose light-colored food and drinks like milk, chicken, water, bananas, bread, etc.

The Don'ts

Your cosmetic dentist will also warn you about several things after dental teeth whitening in 98007.

  • Do not drink dark-colored beverages like soda, wine, coffee, and tea.
  • Avoid eating dark-colored foods like berries, soy sauce, and chocolate since they can stain your teeth.
  • Basically, avoid foods that can cause tooth stains and discoloration. If you're unsure, just avoid food that can potentially stain your clothes because if they stain your clothes they'll likely stain your teeth.
  • Don't smoke for twenty-four hours.
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If your teeth are heavily stained and you want to have them whitened, we can help you. At-Bel-Red Best Smiles, we are confident to give you the smile you envision.

We can make your dream smile a reality thank our skills and years of experience in the dental industry. If you want to learn more about what we do, give us a call.

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