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Do Dental Sealants Work?

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POSTED ON September 08, 2021

Cavities are the number one dental health problem in America because that's where it all starts. A seemingly harmless feeling of sensitivity can eventually turn into tooth decay, and before you know it, the decay has already reached the dental pulp and caused an abscess. The goal of your dentist in downtown Bellevue, WA is to make sure cavities are prevented.

One effective way of protecting your teeth against cavities is through a dental sealant.

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Are Dental Sealants Worth It?

What are Dental Sealants?

A dental sealant is a wafer-thin coating that your dentist will paint over your teeth. Usually, they place it on your premolars and molars as these are more prone to develop cavities and tooth decay.

Once the sealant is applied, it will immediately bond into the grooves of your teeth, creating a protective layer over your tooth's enamel. The procedure is painless.

Are Dental Sealants Effective?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the application of dental sealants was successful in preventing cavities for two years. Studies show that sealants protect your teeth against cavities up to 50 percent four years later.

With proper care, sealants can stay in your mouth for around nine years. Research reveals that children without sealants have three times more cavities compared to those who have them.

Do You Need to See a Dentist in Downtown Bellevue, WA?

Even though brushing and flossing are necessary to keep plaque away, your toothbrush and floss might not reach the tiny grooves in the back of your teeth. Sealants protect these areas by keeping food debris and plaque away. If you need extra protection against cavities, we can help.

At Bel-Red Best Smiles, we are proud of our years of experience in the industry. We offer affordable, customized, and superior-quality dental care treatments to all our patients. If you want to learn more about what we do, give us a call today.

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