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The Advantages of a Root Canal Therapy

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December 27, 2021

One of the most challenging tasks is to convince someone to get a root canal in Bellevue. Unfortunately, many people think that a root canal is a painful procedure. Myths and misconceptions about root canals have circulated both online and offline, terrorizing patients.

Believe it or not, many patients needing a root canal would rather endure the pain than go through treatment. Sadly, foregoing this procedure will create irreversible dental consequences.A root canal treatment is not as bad as other people claim it to be.

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What are the Benefits of Root Canal Treatment?

Eases Dental Pain

When your dental pulp is infected, it will cause you excruciating pain. While over-the-counter pain killerscan provide pain relief, the effect is only temporary. When the efficacy of the medication wanes, you'll be in pain all over again.

To permanently put an end to your tooth pain, root canal therapy is the answer. Don't worry; the procedure is not painful. You will be anesthetized to numb the area and keep you comfortable while your endodontist works on your tooth.

Preserves Your Natural Tooth

Can cosmetic bonding cause permanent damage to your teeth? The answer is no. The procedure does not involve shaving down some of your enamel. All of your teeth remain intact.

Another benefit of root canal treatment is it preserves your natural tooth. Instead of extracting it, your endodontist will only remove the decayed pulp, disinfect the now hollow dental chamber, fill it up with a material called gutta-percha and seal it. Finally, a crown is placed over the affected tooth to restore its shape, function, and integrity.

Do You Have More Questions About Your Root Canal in Bellevue?

If you have more questions about root canal that aren't addressed here, you can ask us. At Bel-Red Best Smiles, we have more than 50 years of experience in the industry, and we have a stellar track record of providing superior quality dental care to all our patients. If you wish to book an appointment,contact us!

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