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How To Handle Dental Emergencies

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POSTED ON March 12, 2021

Dental emergencies can happen at any time of the day but, they don't always take place during regular office hours. What are you going to do if you experience a dental emergency in the middle of the night or during the holidays? You'd probably wonder, “Where can I find emergency dental near me in 98007?”

If you wait until your dentist shows up on a Monday morning, you'll be looking into serious complications that could be costly to repair but it may create permanent and serious damage in your mouth. To prevent serious complications, you need to think and act fast. Here's what you should do in case of a dental emergency. 

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What to Do During a Dental Emergency

Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth is considered a dental emergency and if it ever happens to you, it's best that you see an emergency dentist quickly. Almost always, a knocked-out tooth comes with intense pain and bleeding. If you make it on time, there's a good chance your emergency dentist can save it.

Tooth Abscess

A tooth abscess is a serious matter. If you leave it untreated, the infection can spread quickly and cause significant damage to your surrounding teeth and gum tissues. And it doesn't end there, because if you don't call your emergency dentist, it can spread to other parts of your body. Any sign of swelling and pus coming out of your tooth or gums needs immediate attention.

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Looking for Emergency Dental Near Me 98007?

If you are currently facing a dental emergency, call us. Remain calm and don't panic. At Bed-Red Best Smiles, we are proud of our five decades of experience in the industry. Your oral health is our priority, which is why we strive to give you superior quality dental care that exceeds your expectations. If you want to learn more about what we do, we encourage you to contact us today. 

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