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Dental sealants allow for an extra layer of protection against harmful acid that can lead to decay. Some teeth, especially toward the back of the mouth, can be difficult to clean. Using a plastic resin, your dentist can give you an extra layer of protection against cavities.

Sealants fight against plaque by creating a protective barrier on the tooth in hard to clean places. The tooth will remain sealed from anywhere between three to five years. Some remains of resin may be spotted on the tooth, but sealants are not effective when they are not fully intact. If you are concerned about this, ask your dentist to check at your next visit.

Bel-Red Best Smiles - Adolescences

Often sealants are used on recently emerged adult teeth in adolescences to ensure their healthy development, but adults are also eligible to receive them. Baby teeth typically will not need sealants, but in some cases they may be recommend by your child’s dentist.

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