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Scaling and Root Planing

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Scaling and root planing allows for a deep cleaning of the gums in order to prevent or reduce the potential impacts of gum disease. Using specialized tools, your dentist is able to clean out the gum tissue around and underneath your teeth. This is called scaling. Root planing is a process that smooths the roots of the teeth to make them less susceptible to infection. A combination of these procedures will minimize your risk of gum disease and allow for the body to more easily fight off potential infection.
While some people may experience discomfort, this is typically a painless process. For those who do feel some pain, over-the-counter medications are usually enough to alleviate it. Teeth may be temporarily more sensitive to temperature and the gums may bleed a little while healing. Gums will also be more sensitive after treatment and brushing and flossing will need to be done with great care to avoid further irritation. For anyone at risk of gum disease, scaling and root planing can lead to the full restoration of happy healthy gums.

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