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People can lose a tooth for many reasons. As people get older they may be more susceptible to infections or worn out teeth that may need to be replaced. Alternatively, young people may experience infections or injuries that cause them to lose a permanent tooth. For these reasons, among others, dentists are trained to install dental implants. Deeper forms of decay can leave the root of a tooth damaged and irreparable. When this happens, a tooth will need to be extracted and replaced. Implants provide an anchor for artificial teeth. It is important to have a healthy mouth to ensure that implants can heal properly.

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Single Implants versus Multiple Implants

If only one tooth is missing, it is likely that a single implant could be a good solution for you. However, some patients are missing multiple teeth and may want to consider other options available to them. Missing teeth that were not next to one another may qualify someone for multiple implants, but missing teeth that were next to one another may instead be considered for a bridge or other type of intervention. If many teeth have been lost, dentures may be the best solution.

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Implants versus Bridges or Dentures

Dentures are not fixed to the bone and may require additional care. Some people feel like they may not be the most secure option for their needs. Bridges on the other hand come in many forms and may or may not feel fixed in the mouth. Bridges use other teeth or implants to create stability, but there is still no anchor for the artificial tooth itself. Implants provide a sturdy solution to isolated missing teeth, but many people feel like a bridge or a denture can improve their bite more quickly if they must account for multiple missing teeth. However, bridges are said to last around ten years, while implants may never need to be replaced.

Caring for Your Implant

While artificial teeth are not the same as natural teeth, you should take care of them in a similar way to nourish the surrounding tissue. This means you should be brushing and flossing regularly to maintain healthy gums and adjacent teeth. In addition to routine care, you should continue to see your dentist regularly to ensure your smile is healthy and at its best.

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Implant Services

Implant Related Services Include:

Computer-Enhanced Treatment Planning

Through technology it is possible to observe multiple dimensions of bone quality. Dental CT scans allows doctors to plan and personalize treatment. By taking scans before and after each step of the procedure, dentists can ensure that you have sufficient bone quality and quantity to successfully acquire your new implant in a healthy and safe way.

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Sinus Lift

Losing upper back teeth can result in an enlargement of the sinuses that can impact the placement of implants. It is imperative that the implants have something solid to hold on to to ensure longevity. Thus, a sinus lift may be necessary before some implants can be inserted successfully. A medical procedure can be performed to return the sinuses to their original size while adding a bone graft that creates a foundation for the future implant. Healing time can vary from nine to twelve months, causing a delay in an implant procedure.

Bone Grafting

Similarly, some parts of the mouth where a tooth is lost may suffer from low bone density or bone lose. If this is a problem, it can be solved by doing a bone graft. Larger areas of bone, such as the back of the jaw, can often provide a substantial amount of marrow to ensure new bone growth upon transplantation.

Cultivating Healthy Implant Site

If a patient opts for an implant at the same time as they need an extraction, they can ask for bone grafting to be performed during the same procedure to create a strong base for their future implant. This involves removing infected bone material and replacing it with the foundation for new growth.

Implant Maintenance

While artificial teeth do not have enamel they can still harbor plaque and tartar, spreading it to nearby teeth and tissue. Normal care with a tooth brush and toothpaste, as well as daily flossing, should keep the area healthy and in check. Professional cleaning and checkups should be attended every six months to make sure the surgery site, as well as the rest of the mouth continues to be free from infection.

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Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays provide several advanced imaging options designed to save time, provide clearer dental photos, and expose patients to less radiation than traditional X-ray technology

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Invisalign® Treatment

Our office is proud to be a certified provider of Invisalign clear aligners, which give you a clear, convenient, and comfortable option to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Scientific advancements in X-ray equipment allow us to take images that are clearer, more quickly developed and provide less exposure to radiation than ever before.

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