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Our comprehensive approach to dental care ensures the vitality and visual appeal of your teeth. Our services encompass routine dental check-ups, general dental treatments, teeth cleaning, deep cleansing procedures, and periodontal evaluations. We also offer periodontal maintenance, advanced general dentistry treatments, wisdom tooth extractions, dentures, and more. Prioritizing your general dental health is crucial to circumvent the need for costly emergency dental or hospital interventions. The majority of insurance plans cover general dental procedures at no additional expense to patients.

Our range of treatments includes teeth polishing and whitening, along with offerings in restoration dentistry, sedation dentistry, emergency dental services, and dental implant procedures.

Beyond serving as a general dental clinic, we extend our services to encompass family dentistry and specialized care for children. If you're seeking comprehensive family general dentistry in Bellevue or the finest general dentist in proximity, kindly reach out to us. At Bel-Red Best Smiles, we're proud to operate a highly esteemed dental practice led by the experienced general dentist practitioner, Dr. Priyanka Sharma.

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Within our practice, we administer a complete array of general and family dentistry services. To secure optimal dental care, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at (425) 746-9160 to schedule your appointment.

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