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Full Mouth Restoration

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Several terms can be used to describe the overall makeover of the top and bottom jaw at the same time. Along with your dentist, you can come up with a plan that tackles all of your dental problems with appropriate solutions for you. If you are considering full mouth restoration here are some things to consider bringing up with your doctor:

  • How many of your teeth are damaged
  • The number of teeth you have lost
  • Any pains, aches or sensitivities
  • Concerns about the strength of condition of your current teeth
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Depending on what kinds of issues you are facing, your doctor can make the best personalized recommendations for you. A number of treatments may fit your different needs and price range. Implants, crowns, veneers and bridges can all be used to assist in reconstructing your ideal smile. If you need full mouth restoration be sure to make a consultation with our dentist to see what is right for you.

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